Ohmygoooodddd I decided to look on my old DA account to check out my journal entries, because I was 13 just turning 14 and I wanted some frame of reference to what I might blog about… hahahahahhahahahaohhhgod I talk like A LITTLE BABBY CHILD. 

Anyway. More than likely I’d talk about how awesome and cute the various anime I just was getting introduced to is. How cute/cool characters I had crushes on were, and SEETHING RAGE OPINIONS ON THE GIRLS WHO HUNG OUT WITH THEM, because I was an insecure little girl. But I also wonder how much of that I did for laughs around my friends. 

As well as talk about all my friends and boring things like planning on going to conventions, funny things that happened in class, so on. 

GUARANTEED every few sentences would end with “…” because I was clearly (and am currently still) obsessed with the effect they have when you read them. 





Some days you wake up and go to work like everyone else. And then some days you die horribly and have to win a game against Death in purgatory to get your soul back.

But Death is actually a giant woman who doesn’t play chess at all. She’s into mini-golf. Like….WAY into mini-golf dude. 

This will be my last short comic for a little while but more concepts, characters, and content can be found here!

oh my god i love this


dave is so important and his comics are just so amazing 

I just can’t NOT reblog this.




Sure, #weneeddiversebooks so that my future kids know they can be heroes…

…but we also need diverse books so that white readers know my kids can be heroes, too.

I think this is really important because Andrew Garfield said something that really resonated with me about how when Stan Lee created the character of Peter, he made him a nerd so he could tell the underdog story. And now strait, white male nerds aren’t really underdogs anymore. A lot of them are saying things like that ^

This is the Spiderman I want to read